Saturday, August 07, 2010

It's me

If you want someone with beautiful eyes,
It's me because I always cry, I know how to handle eyeliners dry.

If you want someone with the unique voice,
It's me because I can sing all Siti's songs.

If you want someone cool,
It's me because I observe people with no complains.

If you want someone who can you call sweetie,
It's me because I can do whatever you want me to do.

If you want someone who can take care of you,
It's me because I can take care your family too.

If you want someone loves you,
It's me because I can love you more than I love oneself.

If you want someone perfect,
It's me because I know I can be whatever you want me to be.

But, it's not you who wants me badly.
It's always me that really want you.
Because I always do.

You know what?
I'm waiting, for the right time to tell you everything.
I'm waiting for my braveness to come and help me.
I'm waiting for my strength to be with me.
I'm waiting for you.
And I always do.

16 Yorum var:

nurus sakinatul fikriah said...

Speechless. Selesaikan dengan bijak. I'll pray for you. Always.

prince rayme lala said...

rda, kawal diri. :) disitu orang akan nampak kelemahan kita :)

ahmad faiz said...

semenjak dua menjak tiga menjak ni apesal kau kuat menjiwang

DOLCEshasha said...

sebab Rda memang jiwang : )

FeeQa said...

awwwh, rda.

confession ke ni? :D

FS said...

auwwwww rdaaaaa ;) hehe

rda said...

Nurus, thanks so much. :')

rda said...

Remy, I need you to control myself.

rda said...

Kiwi, I have my own life too. Kisah habis aku?

rda said...

Shasha, haha. Thanks for that.

rda said...

Feeqa, partially confession.

rda said...

FS, rindu ngat aihhh.

dylakamil said...

fuyyoooo rdaa, pheewiiittt ! hehe

rda said...

Dyla, haha. Overrr.

Azira Hafiza said...

I'm waiting for that too. ;)

rda said...

Zira, thanks for the support. For everything.