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People in 2009.

Despite the mistake that I've done by posting the wrong entry yesterday, still I have my own spirit to write all about 2009. I mean, about all the people in 2009. Instead of talking about what was happen, my tendency is to write all about you- the people. From the beginning of the year, till now- the last day for 2009. And frankly speaking, 2009 is too fast and furious over, like a blink of eyes. (Okay, am lying) And probably this entry would be as super long as usual and I wish that you could finish your reading once you have started it. And, firstly I want to ask the forgiveness for being unfair in this entry because I wouldn't write about everybody instead of writing about the chosen one. The one that really in my mind and surely- my heart.

NS-ians. Kem PLKN Tasik Chini Resort.

Brings me back to the memories is the things that I hates the most but knowing them is the most precious moment ever because they taught me how to be strong hardly especially the beloved room mates. We started the day at NS with the tears day to day. Until the bond was binded, we shared the same happiness and sadness. We shared the same feelings and we kept the same secrets of ours. It was the sweetest memories ever since we were too far from the beloved family and we were only have each other to comfort with. They taught me, what was the real meaning of life, since we were gossiping about the same person. Should I mention each of the names? (Nadia, YY, Echa, Aisha, Hajar, As, Melissa, Iqa, Adam, Sadiq and Apam) The most I love and always be by my side each time I was in abstruseness. They were always used to be with a woman like me patiently. -___- Thanks so much guys. 3 months was not enough to indicate my love to them because we're like more than a friend. We're a soul mates. We shared everything there and you know every single thing about me, about what was happen to me and I was really appreciate the relationship that we binded together. And wishing for the long lasting friendship with all of them. I knew someone special here but it was over. NS is more than a National Service. It was a LIFE to go through strongly. I was lucky for being a part of it.

The work-mates. For a month and half.

It was not my first experience being a worker. But still, as a SPM candidates work was something that I was interested to. Knowing the work mates is the best part of the work because they were too friendly and never underestimate me since I was the youngest staff at that time. (Same goes to Asiah.) Knowing kak Latifah (Mum's friend) as the big boss was never make me regret because I've learnt so many new things from her. Same goes to other seniors like kak Lynn, kak Yana, kak Wani, kak Nita. Fuhh, I've mentioned all of them. Not to be forgotten is about the variety customers that I knew. It was really taught me to be as patience as I can since I am not that kind of person. And of course, the very best part was the salary at the end of month. And now, I know the hardness in getting money to go to shopping because usually I ask from my parents for the money. Bekerjalah selagi mampu. Go go. (huh??)

The Yawww (UiTM Merbok)

It was wonderful for knowing them in beginning of my first semester in UiTM Merbok, Sungai Petani doing foundation of law. Our first outing was in the first week after the stupid MMS. T__T Knowing more about them in person was a good experience and since then I believe, don't ever judge a person by the appearance. It's true. Each person of The Yawww have their own personalities. Everybody have their own similarities and differential with me. FS, currently the closest one is super gorgeous and this is my first time to kiss her ass. (Tak sanggup tak sanggup) But really, I meant it. She is the one that always eager to know all of my problems and she's always want to share the sadness and happiness together. Not forgotten, she is the one that always comfort me when I feel lonely. Dyla, she is currently not at Merbok because she is continuing her studies at Institut Perguruan. But still, even though we haven't study in the same university she is always be one of my best friend since we keep in touch trough My Space and Facebook even rarely meet each other. Rather than that, she's still the best hearer for any stories.

The others are Ryn, Natt, Unn, Zigha, Feeqa, and Lila. I bundled them as one. Because I need one special entry to describe and story about them. Well, all of The Yawww was too special in my life. I knows many things everytime I was with them. As we hangout together along the first semester. Knowing Achenk, Akmal, Amy, Aim, Aqim (All A's) as a part of The Yawww (too) is always being a reason why I love Merbok as well. Because they are always here- my heart.

Classmates at PL1D and PL2D (UiTM Merbok)

My classmates in the first semester was not as good as I want. It goes more badly since Dyla went out to Maktab because I only have Natt and Aqim as the good one in the class. Plus, I was super lazy in last semester and I was always trying to skip the class as possible as I can because I really can't got into the classmates because I thought we got different the way of thinking. Fortunately, last semester's result was not too bad and I am deserved such that achievement. It was my fault but still the failure really taught me new lesson. Work harder to succeed. Blissfully, the second semester is much better, I got to convince Kiwi to join our class. It was a good achievement I guess. Plus, Zigha also join the class. Totally, we got 5 newbies in our class and it was great. Aqim, Kiwi, Zigha, Natt, Anne, Ayie, Aim, Anam, Leya, Bella and the rest of the class really make the class live. I do love the current classmates. And I think that I have to study hard for this semester since I have skipped too many classes because of debate. Still, I do enjoy the class. Love yeah.

Schoolmates (Simpang Lima Islamic Secondary School- SLISS)

SLISS is my school when I was in form1 till form3. I moved from the school a week after I have registered in form4. Make me lost contact with some friends such as Iela, ANJ and Haziq. Then, in 2009 I met them in our first reunion after graduated from high school at Mid Valley. The friendship are still strong even though we haven't seen for years. (Except for Myra) And I promise my self to not ever make the same mistakes again- lost contact.

Schoolmates (Maahad Hamidiah Islamic Secondary School- MAHISS)

Again, it was about reunion. I met some of the friends from MAHISS at Nor's house when she was making an open house for us. It was the first time we met again after we were taking the SPM's results. I was happy in meeting old friends and everybody told about their studies and I felt like an adult. Nasib masing-masing tak bawak anak-bini. Although not all the friends came to the reunion still, I satisfied. But unfortunately, I just met one of LBD's members- Adek. The rest was at their university.

LBD's (Ya, Telur, Fara, Adek, Haidar, Hakeem)

The last time I met Haidar, Fara and Hakeem was in March. (If I'm not mistaken) when Haidar sister's wedding. Hakeem drove me there, we met Fara and Haidar at the wedding. I was trying hardly to meet Hakeem and Fara in this week but it was fail. Adek, as I mentioned before I met her at the reunion. And it was the last time. It's difficult for us to meet since Adek is currently studying in Matrikulasi Changlun and we got different holidays. Telur, we haven't have any chances to meet even we got same holiday since Telur is currently busy with her driving test. Good Luck then. And Kak Ya, is the one that the most I meet for this year. For only this holiday, I already met Kak Ya twice. First was, when we were hanging out with FS, Dyla, Feeqa altogether. Second time was a day before yesterday. I do love you Kak Ya but somehow I am wishing for making a reunion for LBD's. Someday. Well, LBD's are my schoolmates in MAHISS. Oh, I mean my super hottest gang.

Bloggers (with much love and respect)

2009 is a year that I know the other blogger out there. Ween is the first blogger that I have met and I was lucky to know her because Ween is such a good friend. She is willing to follow each of my entries. I was never expected that I would met any friends that I know from blog, facebook or even Myspace. Lumut is the other blogger that I know in 2009. Lumut is a good motivator because I do motivated by reading each of her entries in being a strong woman. I'm hoping that I can meet Lumut someday in coming year because I really want to know her in person. Dyana, a friend of FS and Dyla is a good person. We were chatting at Myspace like we know each other for years. She was willing to hear all of my problems and luckily she told me hers too. We shared the problems together and I do love the friendship. Not to be forgotten, Fifa, Ajik. Friends of FS and Dyla (too!) And many more bloggers that I know in 2009. I love you guys and really, I am wishing that we can meet each other someday. In next gathering, perhaps.

Debaters and Alumni (especially UiTM's)

2009 is the year that I got my first experience in university debate. I got so many knowledge when I joined the family of debate. I need to write a special dedication entry for all Uitm's debaters and alumni. Knowing the alumni like Kak Kay, Abg Zarul, Abg Mont, Abg Bonzai and the others because there's too many names to type here. I got too many friends from other places like Rayme the one from UiTM Sarawak. Debate such a good platform for me to gain more knowledge about current issue and I do love all debaters because they are too friendly and supportive. They served me fondly and we were spend much time together and share too many things. As in 2009, I went to two debate tournament intervasity. First was, Royal Debate that is held in University Malaya. And secondly was, VC Cup that is held in Kolej Bandaraya Malacca. The family of debate will always in my heart. They encourage me a lot to improve myself in debate as soon as possible and as far as I can.

So, readers. These is about the people in 2009 and they will always be mine in future. And people, I want to ask for your forgiveness once again humbly for each stupidity towards you in 2009 and come one, let's open the new book for the coming year. Don't ever rewind the same mistake that we have done in previous but somehow we have to learn from that mistake. And see, this entry is the longest entry in 2009. T_____T The wishes for 2010 would be written in the next entry perhaps.

Almost forget, I met my very old friend in 2009. Good luck in Mesir. :)

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NDYANAH K . said...

haha , sebab saya kawan fs dan dyla la maka saya juge caring-maring auwwww hahaha . good luck the yar ahead . SERIOUSLYYYY !

Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman said...

Dyana sayang, Homaigod. Thanks so much okayyy. Good luck to you too. :)

FS said...

i reallyyyyy appreciate pasal semua kau tulis pasal FS , mucho ! :)

love yea ! hope 2010 jd tahun lg rpt and pembetulan segala kesalahan :)

Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman said...

FS, sebab aku kiss ass kau. Haha, esok belanja aku. ;p

Love you toooo. I wish. :)

Unknown said...

happy new year weyyyy!!~ <33

DOLCEshasha said...

weyh, even nma aku xt'tls 1 pn sepnjg lbr kaw tls nih, but HEPI NEW YR mekk!

furaidotempe said...

rda, im touched ! =D keh3

all the best in 2010 . may there's more happiness and blessings for you.
<3 u.

Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman said...

Feeqa, Happy new year too. Kau ni mcm tak baca je. Haha.

Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman said...

Sha, kang lagi panjang pulak kalau semua nama aku tulis.

Thanks sayang. Happy new year too. :)

Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman said...

Fifa, yekee? haha. No biggie. :)

Thanks dear. Wish the best of luck to you too. :)

dhanial yahaya said...

goodluck :)

Adzrul Syafiq said...

sorry mnyemak..
welcome to 2010 territory,,
not to 4get wish u
an exaggerate life throughout
this year..amiin~

Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman said...

dhanial, good luck for what? Ni bukan wishes lah adik. Nampak sgt tak baca. Hahaha.

Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman said...

syafiq, it's okay, You have the right to drop your comment here.

Thanks btw. :)

Ahmad Faiz said...

heppy new year!

Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman said...

Izzy, thanks yaw. :)

Azira Hafiza said...

ah ah ah aku terharu nak nangis ni. cepat bg tisu! sejak akhir2 ni hormon aku tak menentu sangat! haha!

ily so so so much la weh! happy new year syg!! :)))

ahmad faiz said...

name aku ade do. haha.
happy new year

NH said...

hepi new yearr;D

dylakamil said...

rda sayang kau <3

rda is a friend yg jarang contact, but i know she would be there whenever i need her. and the same goes to you rda, i will be there, alwaysss :)

happy new year !

dhanial yahaya said...


Dya Rohimi said...

pnt ak nk khatam ni weyh.. haha. nway, epy new year!

mohamadazrulhaqim said...

touching siott..wakaka

well rda..siyes best kwn ngn kau..

xde kau, aku ngn natt pn jd speechless..hahaha

hepi new year!!

Biela Jailani said...

Selamat tahun baru hottest gurl

Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman said...

Zigha, Hahaha. AKu rindu kau sgt ohhh. Tak sabar nak jumpa. :)

ILYT sayang. Happy New Year too. :)

Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman said...

Kiwi, mesti kau suka kan?
Happy New Year too. :)

Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman said...

Dayah, Happy new year. :)

Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman said...

Dyla. :') I love you too okayyy. :)

Thanks for everything. :)

Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman said...

Dhanial, cover lah tu. Hahaha. Nv mind. :)

Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman said...

Dya, hahaha. Penat jugak aku menaip. :)

Happy new year too. :)

Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman said...

Aqim, same goes to me. :)

Thanks for everything okay.

Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman said...

Biela, haha. Happy new year too. :)

Azureen Azlan said...

Dear Rda,
I love the way u appreciate all of the people around u. I love the way u expressed ur feeling in ur blog. I love every single word came from u, I just love u so much! n I know u will be a GREAT debater in the future :)


omg, u paste our pic in this entry? *blushing* u r my lesbo partner forever ok. teheee.

Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman said...

Ween, same goes to me. i love everything about you dear. :)

Happy New Year.

Haha, that's what I wanna hear from you. Thanks lesbo partner. :)

Anonymous said...

It is a pity, that now I can not express - there is no free time. But I will return - I will necessarily write that I think.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful journey and experience!