Monday, June 21, 2010

You're my friend.

Smile doesn't mean anything.

I have too many things in my mind.
But I just don't know how to express them in one time.
I made mistakes frequently.
But I realize for it very hardly.

I need a chance because I have to change.
I need a space, I need a time.
I want to change, but I scared to try.

I'm not a good friend, you need to trust.
But without you, I should be crying.
We need a talk, we have to confront.
But I've no strength to heart-to-heart.

Please understand, you're my friend.

14 Yorum var:

mier@merr said...

ek? mekasih sudi jd kawan ai... hee~

dylakamil said...

kenapa ni kenapa ni.

eh eh you're my friend <3

DyanaBangs said...

i think you are a good friend !

ween said...

well written as usual. imissu dear rda :)

prince rayme lala said...

rda - y babe?

rda said...

Mier, thanks to you too. (:

rda said...

Dyla, long story babe. You're my friend too. (:

rda said...

Dyana, but I don't think so. :(

rda said...

Ween, thanks and I miss you too darling. :)

rda said...

Remy, it's a long story.

DOLCEshasha said...

I am your friend : )

FS said...

yeahh, kau kawan aku jugaaak! ;)

rda said...

Shasha, thanks dear. (:

rda said...

FS, thank you so much babe. Still ingat aku, even kita lama gila tak lepak sama kan.