Saturday, August 15, 2009

thanks people. :)

i want to thanks for those who had wish me for my birthday last two days. 13/08. thanks so much for being too concerned about me ppl. love yeah. esp to myra, the first person that wished me for my birthday.natt the second one. mylea through natt. noni, my ex classmate. then, dyla. leho, schoolmate. izzul, dyla's. haidar, the first who had called me that night. aqim, the crazy classmate. haziq, bestest friend so far. ryn, thanks for the special post. sila ke blog ryn click disini. fs/atyn thanks babe. feeqa, i love the lipbalm, howt yawww. thanks. tirah, atyn's friend. amma, schoolmate. mizi, thanks for the special post. click sini. aisha hijazee, schoolmate. kak ya, the bestest friend ever. miss u syg. aisha, dayah, zuha, ms. yy, nadiah, mellisa NS's members. aiza, schoolmate. adek, thanks sbb wish on the special time. 13.08/1.08 pm, 13 august. razil, diba, schoolmates. sofwa, on the next day. all myspace members yg wish. roommates of course. my parents and siblings. thanks for the broadband dad! fyfa, bloggers. my cousin, sis bytie. thanks for the special post. click this. and for all yg dah wish but i x letak nama u all. thanks so much! i'm really appreciate it guys.

p/s; nak balik rumah. kenapa lah uitm tak tutup. ;((

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[b][y][t][i][e] said...

most welcome!


nani :) said...

happy belated birthday :)

.rda. said...


.rda. said...

thanx nani.

tajudin said...

happy belated birthday!!! (10x)

qurratu said...

hey babe, happy belated birthday. ily!

.rda. said...

thanx mr tajudin.

.rda. said...

thanx que. ilyt. :))

Lady FS. said...

aku x nk uitm tutup , aku need korang ;) rda , x bg lg present kau

.rda. said...

aku homesick gila ni. ;((
atyn, dyla dah bg td.

m.haziqhanif said...

yup2..happy belated bday! :)

.rda. said...

thanx ajik.