Wednesday, June 03, 2009

roller coaster,i felt it yesterday.

hello..semalam kitorg gy SP by car.sewa kete kat depan UiTM n it was not too expensive.zetty,atin or fs,dilla,aqim n,zetty drove da car to SP n dilla drove da car when we back to UiTM.Zetty is such a good driver i think.haha.bcuz she was not only can drive manually but she also can constract dilla when she was driving.haha.n i dunno wut i feel when dilla drove but i juz felt like i was in roller coaster n we were scream n shouted too many tyms.haha.but we still got fun.after kitorang beli tiket bas zetty,we went to Village Mall n got our dinner at Pizza Hut.yummyyummy.and we back to the UiTM around 7.30.n rupe2 nye zetty lost her matrix card.pity her.pas kena bebel sket ngn mak n pak guard kitorang pon jln masok kolej.and after that we've to rush bcuz we got the group discussion 4 da BEL130.haha.really2 tired yesterday. -_-

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FS said...

bagus ade aku kat cnie :)

Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman said...

act,aku letak sbb ta de pic len da.