Monday, December 15, 2008

i juz feel down. );

currently mood;sgt2 sedey.
well,i juz feel very2 down rite now.rase nk nanges sgt2.keadaan memaksa.sometimes terasa dat i no need frens anymore.xder yang supportive.nobody will be beside matter wut.xde yg nk appreciate.i juz feel yg sumer ni sia2.xde org pndg pown bende2 mcm ni.xde org rase.or am i is too sensitive 4 all of diz?am i is too emosional?i dunno.but sometimes i feel like nothing.mcm xde sesape kat dunia.i juz need someone dat truly honest to be frens wth.dat's all.whoever.i really dun kenape ssh sgt org nk feel juz like i feel?i juz need someone yg willing to appreciate wuteva i do.yg willing to share evrthing wth me.yg x rase aku ni 'orang lain'.yg neva mind wuteva people will think bout da frenship will be forever he/she will neva mind on wut people thinking.i juz need.

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