Tuesday, August 18, 2009

and it was the last time we spent time together here.

and i do love every single moments with u here. gonna miss u damn much dear. yea, sy sedih sangat. tapi sy tak nak tunjuk depan dyla semalam sebab sy tak nak dyla lg sedih. she's alone there. yeah, everything happened was so unpredictable. tiba2 dyla dpt maktab for the 2nd intake even lambat sikit. mula-mula rasa nk pujuk dyla, jgn pergi maktab tu. but i knew it was so impossible. i knwe that i have to let her go. but at least we spent time together for the last time at here. and after this, maybe will see her in KL only. but dyla, we're welcome u here; UiTM Merbok. anytime dear. kalau free. mai lah sini. okay. i nk cerita about the last day. dyla decided to go to VM for celebrating my birthday since she can't celebrate with us today. it's okay. kami pun gerak ke VM dgn aqim,atyn,ryn, me and of course dyla. went to Secret Recipe to but the cake *thanks for the cake anyway. ;))* then, went to KFC to get the lunch. supposely, kitorang ada kelas on 2.10 but mmg tak sempat so aqim planned main bowling. so, gerrak la ke CS. after main bowling pegi karaoke pulak. wow, serious this was the sadest moment ever. masa nyanyi lagu kenangan terindah ngan atyn pun boleh nangis. then, balik. even tak sempat nk habiskan lagu but i still enjoyed it sbb it was the last time we spent time together. *betul ke english i?? nv mind. and now, i'm here without dyla. and everything had changed. terasa sgt kehilangan. but no matter what, i still support u. love u always. ;))

was waiting for ryn.
white chocolate mecadamia. thanks dyla. ;))

birthday girl and birthday boy.

thanks for everything my dear. love u sooo much.

p/s; to atyn and natt, pls be strong babe. no matter what, both of u still have us. FRIENDS. ;))

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dylakamil said...

thx for the post :) sayaanggg gila kat kau tahu taaakkk. jaga atyn elok2 tawww. jgn sedih2. study leklok. :)

[b][y][t][i][e] said...

akk dpt rasai kesedihan ini coz akk pernah rs gk dulu2..sedih giler..dok nangis jerk..
pape pn,jgn sedih2 sgt k..

perghhh!!giler gempak main bowling pakai bju kurung..hikhik~~

mrinca91 said...

janganla sedey2
lawa layout bru ko rda

Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman said...

dyla. thanks sooo much for everything.
;)) kau pun study elok2 kay.
dont worry, aqim jaga kami semua.

Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman said...

sis bytie.
yup, it's really sad.
but no matter what, life must goes on kan.

haha. cool la baju kurung.

Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman said...

yelah mizi.

tgk tuan la.

Anonymous said...

jap, Akim jaga ?

gila geli bpak aku weh.

un yang jaga microfon dia kot,

Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman said...

un jaga sumer benda la nokkk.

Unknown said...

and saye tiade. =(

FS said...

thx rda ! ;) ly babe

Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman said...

feeqa. padan muka. hahhaha.

Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman said...

ur welcome atyn.
lyt babe.