Tuesday, June 09, 2009

i knew it.

i'm just know what's the meaning of homesick.because i'm feeling like going home right now.i miss my home's life.n i'm basically hate sadness esp when i'm not wif my family.because i don't have the right feeling to say what's act happen to me now n the point is,i miss KL though.i's starting to hate everything here.the environment,the people that i used to live with,the subject that i didn't understand,the lecturer that never let me know what was they talking about.i don't know why i'm here.but i knew that i'm homesick.i miss my family though.i miss everything there but i dunno what to do.i do feel lonely here even i got many friends but it was not enough for me to avoid my sad feeling.i feel nothing here.until now,i'm confusing.whether i can survive here or not.what's the MTC012 stands for?i knew that the subject is about the introduction of law but seems when the lecturer like 'lepas tgn' to us,(u read urself la,u check in dict urself la.) i feel like "hello,aku dtg sini mmg na blaja dlm bilik je." i'm in the hyper tension condition now.i'm sick of this.why must all the probs coming at the same time?i got many things to think about.i dunno how to settle this but at the same time i got another problem to think n settle for.shittt!i hates u!!yes,you.i hates the relationship.i mean any was makes me sick of my life instead the very wonderful life.i feel like to end of everything now!fullstop.

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yuanyeeh said...

hey dear, what's wrong? cheer up!
That's what we call stress, don't push yourself so much, slow it down..
make everything easier.
Well at NS we had homesick, but there was no worries in NS, haha!
No assignments, nothing! :-D

Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman said...

thanx dear.
my mind was totally at home even i'm still here.
i dunno why.
miz home freaking much!
btw,NS was diff.
no assignment,no lecturer!
n da most is no MTC!

kimah said...

hey there!
uitm merbok eh?
mtc 012 memg agk x bnyk sgt compared to others lah.
dlm lecture pn lecturer bc text tu kalau t'tdo pn xde pape lah.
i'm ex asasi law jgk tp kat sh alam.
good luck ye!
anda bertuah sbb 3 sem x rushing sgt. kalau 2 sem 1st ade 6 sbjct, 2sem 7 sbjct.

Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman said...

yeah asasi law kat kedah.
tough gak la even baru je stat blaja.
emm.bleh la tnye sis bout law kn??
btw,akak study lg ke skang?
yeah i think i'm lucky.
bcuz i'm not da type yg kaki study.