Monday, January 26, 2009

feel like there's no hoping.

ni 'akujiwa' punye.haha.nono.skang ms.hehe.

currently hearing;hero by mariah carey.

and then the hero comes along.

with the strenght to carry on.

and u cast your fears aside.

and u know u can survive.

so when u feel like hope is gone.

look inside u and be strong.

and u'll finally see the truth.

that the hero lies in u.

Hye reader. This is the 1st post for this Chinese New Year holiday. I've nothing to say. Just feel a lil bit sad. I don't know. I'm not okay here. I just feel that it's much better if i'm at the came now. I hate here!!! I hate everyone! And I miss PLKN damn much. Kenape tak tahu nk write apa ni?? The point is I'm really2 sad. Nak nangis sgt. Anyway, pape pon I've to thanks to Fara. It's just I'll not being like this again. I wish. It's enough to trust and love people now. Nobody appreciate it. Entah la. It's just I feel like stupid. Waiting for someone that I'm not sure yg dia tu ikhlas or not. And at the same time there's someone else waiting for me. Stupid thing ever. Damn shit. But tah la. maybe aku yg over emosional. But, I'm feeling better now. Thannk to Fara. For your support. I'm really2 appreciate it. And leho too.sory la market nme ko.aku nk tulih,i'm really2 mis all of my frens.esp;fara,ya,fara qila,afy ngn haida.aku syg korang gile2.hope dat our frenship wiil neva end.kan.wuteva pown.pls2 doakn yg terbaik ntok aku ek.aku dh bnci la asek lalui bnde yg same je.dh jd cm rutin plak mnde neyh.bosan gile bley ta??n da bad thing now is.i'm feel like getting fever.again.huh.shit gile.well,esok will blk to tasik chini.tah la.i juz dunno wut to feel.sdey.sbb nk tggl kn umah.laptop,frens esp.but hepi jugak sbb dpt release my prob far la.tah la.wut da right feeling.cuma yg pasti i hate my life now!but not all.ta lah.weyh.aku dh stat ngarut kat post kali neyh.series dpt taun tasek chini.haha.hakeem yg kate.otak agak mereng kowt.anyway,plkn best wut.sape ta dpt sgt2 rugi kowt.haha.dh la.kang lg ngarut.myb next post will be ok kowt.last but not least,frens are forever.boys are wutever!ngeh.

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