Friday, October 31, 2008

gol & gincu.


my life will be like diz?huhu~ i dunno.the thing is,if i accept him,i can imagine wut will be next.haha.i dun want kalo tibe2 dye ckp,
"i dun want a cheerleader,i want a stiker."
oh no, i dun want dat thing happen.hey dude,i dun want u to change me to be somebody else.i want to be myself.i like to be a original lipgloss,eyeshadow,blusher (someday),n handbag!but then, bkn nye i anti wth da sport.i love volleyball la weyh.i'll support u la.i know la u suke sgt main futsal.i know u're a football player tym skol dulu.but pls understnd.i just wanna be love highheels.dat's all.dun force me ever.
hey rda,dun think diz thng la.dye x penah ckp pape pown.u juz waste ur tyme la by typing,i juz want to ready myself.kalau la it really i can face it!=) btol kan?hehe.tq 4 reading!

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