Saturday, October 25, 2008

ayat-ayat cinta

hye reader.thanx 4 reading.huh,i love diz story!seriously.erm,at first tyme membe2 bace novel neyh,i wanna try to read it x beli pown,juz borrow it from some1(4got lah!)then,bile stat bace i feel bored.x best.i dunno why.membe2 sumer kate,bile di kaji,i got da conclusion.maybe cite ni xbest sbb da main character is a,i can't follow it.year to year.keluar plak movie neyh.oh no!wut i feel dat tyme?i'll not watch diz movie 4eva!so bored.then,bile citer neyh kuar kat tv,rase cm best plak.huhu.kenape ek?on dat day,aku xtgk pown citer neyh kat i stat to like da soundtrack;ayat ayat cinta by rossa.i start to like it.and i feel it.then,rase cm nk sgt2 tgk diz,i pown download la diz movie from internet.huh,tyme tuh mmg x sabar sgt2 nk tgk.then bile da downloading finish,i watch it!
dunno wut to mmg best sgt2.n now,i feel regret to not watch da movie at cinema.i love all da character.but da most i like is,AISHA.da story teach me sumthing;
"antara cinta & keinginan utk memiliki tidak sama"

it make me realize something,but i dunno wut.i'm searching of dat process.i wanna conclude diz,as a best film of da year.thanx to da soundtrack 4 attarct me to watch diz film!

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